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Keep reading for 8 actionable tips. Thanks for this – I’m trying to work out how to maximise Pinterest this year, so this gives me some good guidance to follow. The idea here is similar to how SEO professionals use AdWords to trial certain keywords to see how they perform before launching an entire SEO campaign. No one was going to see my pins unless they searched a key word that resonated with my pins. Love your pod casts and terrific information, thankyou. We’re grateful for the large amount of Pinterest marketing tips out there. The ultimate guide to alfresco summer suppers. You can also create Pins to share your ideas with other people on Pinterest. If you’re selling artisan furniture, show how it fits into the whole room. Although Pinterest is often regarded as the go to platform for pinning recipes and home décor ideas, it’s also a powerful digital marketing tool. This will not only increase awareness of your product but will also get you some valuable backlinks. Before you jump in, you need to know that Pinterest can help you meet your goals. One thing to consider here: Longer, keyword rich descriptions are valuable for being found via search, which can extend the life of a pin. Article Rich Pins automatically add the headline or title, description, and author. As mentioned previously, Pinterest recommends vertical pins over horizontal pins. Keep this in mind when creating Pins and planning your content. Select “Choose Image” and find the file on your computer. One is pulled from the meta description of your web page, and the other is what you’ve set as the pin description. If you’re new to blogging and Pinterest, you’re wearing a bunch of different hats right now. Here’s one that didn’t. This descriptive keyword would not only help you with anything specific that a user might be looking for but also, will help you in google ranking. CareersAboutAffiliate Program. To get Pinners’ attention, you need to develop relevant, valuable and visually appealing ideas. Additionally, you can follow other users to see what they are sharing and get inspired by their stories. But first, we’ll review what the platform is and how it works — let’s get started. If you choose not to verify your site, you can still include a link to your site on your page, but you won’t be able to use Pinterest Analytics. Pinning other people’s infographics is particularly effective, as they act as a kind of follower magnet, bring people back to your profile for more.

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Powered by DigitalMarketer. Re pinning too much also increases your chance of being labelled as a spammer. Also, the description gives the visitors a brief about your subject and allows them to understand your boards better. For new Pinterest users, this post will get you started with Pinterest best practices. Once you’re in the program it’s a pretty great deal. For more Pinterest tips Sign up for our blog updates and get the Free Pinterest Marketing Video Tutorial. Save time and easily promote your brand with professional designs. So play with colors, fonts, and the overall vibe of your images. That includes contact information, business name, type of business, and website URL. What are the key steps to writing effective pin descriptions on Pinterest. Pinterest marketing strategies for bloggers will always be evolving as the platform changes its business focus. Potter and Halstead met while studying interior architecture at Nottingham Trent University and then eventually each settled in London, beginning parallel careers in the industry. Just use the search function in Pinterest and usually, the first 3 pins in the first row are optimized for that keyword. What type of content will help you fulfill your purpose. Pinterest SEO is best paired with a set of powerful but easy SEO tactics for your blog posts. You don’t have to pick just one — you publish the Pin to multiple boards. Pinterest users, most of whom are women, are primed to buy thanks to the visual nature of the site. Of course, I always have to include this. Your boards should be optimized with keywords in the description. While you can add multiple invisible keywords to promoted pins, those keywords never even show up in the descriptions.

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In addition, always remember to create pins with the right aspect ratio. Whatever you do, don’t save all of your products. If you’re just getting started on Pinterest, then you’ll definitely want to know these terms. You will also see a bar where you can search keywords and Pinterest will show you how popular they are in comparison to other terms. One pin a day is a must. That’s something beyond my expectations. These were some really good tips. Keep in mind that the dimensions of your Profile picture are 165 x 165 pixels—photos smaller than that will look stretched. You can add a link with your Pinterest for business success text in the content box. In this blog post we’re covering how you can use SEO to grow your brand’s presence on Pinterest, target relevant audiences, and drive clicks and sales for your business. What will your friend find after the click. You can’t delete followers on Pinterest, but you can block users so they can’t see your content or engage with your pins. To get started, you will need at least one “board. So far, Idea Pins seem to be increasing engagement on the platform.

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According to Forbes, color improves brand recognition by up to 80%, and consistent brand presentation across platforms increases revenue by up to 23%. You have a beautiful, attention grabbing photo. Make your pins look different from one another. BUT, If you want people to see your content on Pinterest and you want to generate more traffic from Pinterest to your site, you need to help Pinterest distribute your content to the Pinners who want it. Why are these category boards important. You may opt out at any time. Currently, there are four types of Rich Pins you can start using: product, article, app and recipe. And with 85% of weekly users saying they’ve purchased something from a Pin, this platform deserves to be in your social media marketing stack. One of the most important Pinterest marketing tips for new bloggers is to make sure you’re always creating fresh pin content. Don’t make categories too narrow, as it may lead to confusion. Or, click on the arrow for more publishing options. So even if you’re not selling your own products, think of creative ways to incorporate products with keywords that pinners will search for. Use relevant keywords and hashtags in your pins and pin descriptions. These will help you to stand out for greater chances of success. Images that actually show step by step tutorials often get a high amount of engagement and clicks on Pinterest. Lifestyle images, tasteful branding, and limited helpful text on image are still suggested. Check out our complete Social Media Video Ad Specs and Placements Guide. Using Hootsuite to schedule Pins will help your brand stay on top of your content calendar. Besides the ‘classic’ demographic targeting geography, gender, age, etc, you can segment your Pinterest audiences by a list of customers who visited your site, an ad hoc list of customers you upload, an audience that has engaged with your pins already, or an act like audience that behaves similarly to the one you already have similar Facebook’s lookalike audience. Do you want more traffic. Looking for Pinterest board ideas. This is what you enter on your blog as SEO title and meta description. There are six different types of Rich Pins, all loaded with more information than your average Pin for serious sales power. Then we added a Grid to the template and pulled in images we had created previously for the post. Sometimes an unboxing of your product could include the logo on that shipping box, a common method for companies that do their own fulfillment. I’ve mentioned above that Pinterest is an incredibly graphic intensive platform, so creating the right images is very important. I have written more about how to use this feature in my infographic, 20 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers.

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Filed Under: Pinterest Tips Tagged With: pinterest for business, using Pinterest to get website traffic. All of these factors help reduce the objections your customers have towards buying your product. Here’s how to use social proof to your marketing advantage. You can also include content that is not directly related to what your brand does, but if it fits into your audience’s interests, it’s still a good thing. Not only was it an exhausting activity, but it was focusing on quantity over quality. Pinterest is a highly visual platform, which makes it ideal for businesses or marketers in the lifestyle, fashion, home decor, food, and digital marketing niche. If you come across any interesting blog posts, you can always repurpose them as an infographic and share them on Pinterest. The other option for staying consistent on Pinterest is to save other people’s Pins on your boards. This was when we decided to re furnish our Pinterest account and make it P interesting. Rich Pins is the Pinterest feature that automatically creates that second description. Take out the hard work out of pinning with a pinning planning app like Tailwind or Buffer. An increasingly more important issue. The two major factors that prove authority on Pinterest are the Pinner’s quality and the Pinner’s website signals. People use Pinterest differently than they do social media platforms. As you can see, we’ve not only validated that “Shoes” is a perfect keyword rich board name, we’ve also found some other names for boards we could use. People do over 2 billion monthly searches on Pinterest. This is one of the best Pinterest SEO tips because you’ll be surprised how many people do not do this. It’s how I get about 50 percent of my traffic and sales 🙂. This is a rule that’s been around for a while.

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Open up Pinterest, and copy the URL of that pin. Designing Pins Do’s and Dont’s10 Tips For Creating Idea Pins For The Creator Rewards ProgramCreator Tips + Tricks Tried and True Methods From A Pinterest Pioneer. A smart way to draw in bigger crowds is to tease them with a taste of your offer—just enough to make them want more. That’s how to use Pinterest for sales. Think of it like building a house. And voila: they’re now right at the top again back where they belong. Keep your boards beautiful and help your customers discover things they love. Be sure to leave them in the comments below. Maybe you don’t have a ton of Pinterest followers to start with. These suggestions are based on. And if you’ve been using Pinterest for a while, chances are that your strategies are outdated.

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It helps with content creation and knowing where to improve. You’re more likely to have users find and engage with your pin if it’s saved to a board titled “Healthy Recipes” which is what they are likely searching for than something vague like “Healthy. More than 400 million people look to Pinterest for purchasing inspiration every month. ” They can then pin your blog post to a special “read it later” Pinterest board full of articles, giving your audience a new, easy way to catch up on your content. That’s valuable real estate and there’s always space for optimizing more than just the very basic title. Hence, your foremost priority should be to create impactful content in terms of design and aesthetics. In other words, using Pinterest for business can help your brand reach a lot of people and make money. As a business owner, advertising on Pinterest can be a great way to increase your visibility, drive traffic to your website, and boost your sales. Whether it’s the fonts you use, or color palette, making sure your Pinterest account follows a similar style and design pattern to your brand is an easy way to reach out to your target audience. Rich Pins has played a key role here, I believe, along with an increase in posting frequency to Pinterest. Posts of this nature could include an office tour, a “making of” process to show how your products come to be, or a day in the life walk through. And brands that optimize their products and make them more shoppable will have an edge over other businesses in converting pins into purchases. But how do you write a great Pinterest description. It’s a very simple process on Pinterest’s website that simply confirms your website. Link your pins across platforms and maximize the advantage of linking pins. Learning how to write the perfect pin description for Pinterest can mean the difference between you being found by your ideal clients and not showing up at all in their searches. As a Pinterest user, you can save or “pin” any image you find online. Pinterest mentioned that a strong call to action—like “shop,” “make,” “find,” or “buy”—will encourage people to take the next step. Video content on Pinterest can be an incredible way to bring your ideas to life with motion and sound. You can edit your username on Pinterest at any time by following these steps below. Emotions – sneaky bastards – get involved and affect every single one of our decisions. You’re wasting your time. Feel free to click here so that we can join forces. Any blogger or entrepreneur will understand how much time you need to spend on your business especially in the beginning and the seemingly never ending list of things to do. You create the look of your magazine, its content, cover page and basically each page. Pinterest recommends that you create Idea Pins on the mobile Pinterest app because there are many more customization features features on the app versus desktop. From sporting tickers to smartphone companions, these are the cleverest wearables you can buy. Save time and easily promote your brand with professional designs. You should always have a set goal in mind when getting started on any social network. What are your idea pins saying.

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However, if you’re creating boards that you only want your own products or blog posts to exist in, you’ll need to create a new Pin from scratch. Pinterest users love themselves a well designed pictographic, which works out great for you –– they’re a perfect way to showcase client testimonials. You could create a board that’s devoted to fashions for a particular body type. I pay for it and find it so worthwhile. Remember to include a link to your newsletter sign up page. More of an audio listener. But that’s pretty time consuming. Another advantage of using Pinterest for your business is that it drives additional traffic to your website. Re pinning too much also increases your chance of being labelled as a spammer. Find your competitors’ Pinterest accounts. When you get high impressions and engagements for your posts on another social media platform, you may want to use this potential on Pinterest. This recipe gives you a great description, star ratings, cook time, and the ingredients. If you have trouble keeping up with your Pinterest activity, create a social media calendar to have a more focused and organized publishing strategy.

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Boards save all of your Pins and distribute your content for your followers to explore. It’s how we surface the perfect ideas for each Pinner, helping them find fresh ideas to love as they move through the various stages of planning their lives. Pinterest business accounts have access to important metrics and analytics via Audience Insights. A summary of news and articles published on our Hebrew internet marketing blog on March 2014 including small business SEO tips, Facebook pages redesign, Google search results redesign and Pinterest advertising. You can pin for example, one video pin to one board, and a video pin to another relevant board, and the same with the static pins. Pinterest is a new world for me I don’t know how I’ve been living under a rock all these years. FeaturesPricingReviewsContact UsMeetEdgar for Digital MarketersMeetEdgar for BloggersMeetEdgar for CoachesMeetEdgar for RealtorsMeetEdgar for Fitness Trainers. First, think of what keywords best relate to your brand, products, or the topic of the pin. According to Pinterest’s research data, its users are “90% more likely to say they’re always shopping. Get expert marketing tips straight to your inbox, and become a better marketer.

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If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, I recommend you read my ultimate beginner’s guide to easily set up a business account on Pinterest. « 5 Essential Pinterest Marketing Tools. We want to keep you far away from the pitfalls. Look at the following steps that can boost your blog with Pinterest. Take a look at these seven new features. Similarly, article rich pins include the headline, author, and a brief blog post description. Glad you found this post Danny – happy to help out. This will also allow you to feature your best products beside them. Keep up with the latest web development trends, frameworks, and languages. Ask yourself what categories/keywords these fit into. Is the Pinterest algorithm burying your pins. You can also use messages to chat with your friends. Generate brand awareness, plenty of repins, and ultimately, sales. © 2023 Solve Web Media ® // Web Design and SEO Company in Cornwall Company Number: 09676245 / VAT Number: GB237453501 Sitemap Privacy Website Terms Terms and Conditions. On the other hand, shopping ads are single images or videos that directly link to your product. Pinterest recently changed its tune on hashtags, and hashtags are now popping up on feeds everywhere. And when you operate a business it’s crucial to reach the masses. Check your email inbox or spam folder. You can sign up with a personal or business account for free. If your target audience is outside Pinterest’s user base, it might not be the best social media platform for your marketing strategy. Content is evergreen on Pinterest so you can Pin whatever you want whenever you want again, unlike platforms like Twitter which are more time sensitive. Consider them equivalent to Facebook groups, only for pins. By submitting this form: You agree to the processing of the submitted personal data in accordance with Kinsta’s Privacy Policy, including the transfer of data to the United States. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your Pinterest marketing efforts, it’s important that you know how to use Pinterest for business. With thanks to Gemma Went. The ideas pin format is a phenomenal online growth content type. Perhaps you created an account using one email address, before later creating an account through Google. A high number of views can increase brand visibility and help your content reach a wider audience. It will really help you rank higher in search results. Pinterest has also launched its own scheduling tool, allowing Business users to pre schedule their content within the platform.